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Sarah-Jane Bungay is a woman of many talents. By day, she plans the news, gathers the stories, and produces the programmes. By night, she treads the boards, pursuing her love of amateur dramatics.

One of the best parts of my job is the variety I have – from producing South Today to being out on the road – and the occasional presenting stint as well. I’m a real ‘people person’ – and like to talk (a lot) which helps in rooting out stories.

The first clue I gave my parents of a prospective broadcasting career was when I used to pretend to be the host of a cookery programme in their kitchen.

I was most indignant when they’d try to come in to make a cuppa, protesting ‘Mummmmm… I’m presenting.!” One assignment which sticks in my mind – for the fear factor if nothing else – was being the co-driver with Roger Finn in the 2003 Sunseeker Rallye.

Racing through the forest near Ringwood at high speed was great fun – Michael Schumacher eat your heart out. I also enjoyed treading the boards in my spare time. I’ve enjoyed masquerading as Emily Pankhurst, Pandora (of Adrian Mole fame), and Marty in Grease.

More recently, I had to put on a bit of weight for my latest role with the Bishopstoke players – playing a six month pregnant woman. At least, with a false bump, I didn’t have to cope with morning sickness or swollen ankles!

If I'm asked one more time what the alternative to a plastic lawn is, I might walk to the end of our garden and scream into the valley. It's like we've lost our collective minds.

This is so depressing. Please, if you have outdoor space, do more to help insects by keeping areas of grass long, growing native plants and NEVER using pesticides:

She was tangled in the plastic she used as lining! She couldn’t leave, she died. The worse thing I could find in a nest box. #thinkplastic

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