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Martine Croxall attended the independent Bablake School in Coventry. Martine then studied Geography at the University of Leeds, gaining her BA in 1990, following this with a year out in Africa.

Martine Croxall joined the BBC with work experience at BBC Radio Leicester. Following this, Martine Croxall began work at East Midlands Today, the BBC regional news programme for that region. Since that she has also worked at Newsroom South East (1997) and UK Today, a BBC satellite television programme discontinued in 2002.

Martine Croxall is currently a presenter on the domestic BBC News Channel between 6:00pm – Midnight Friday-Sunday and occasionally presents on the international channel BBC World News. She began presenting World News Today simulcast on 30 October on both channels. Until 2011, Martine Croxall was one of the main presenters of the overnight 1:00am – 5:00am time slot simulcast on both channels.

On 13 November 2015, Martine Croxall was the main presenter on the November 2015 Paris attacks for the BBC, having only been expecting to present their show, “The Papers”. This involved reporting live as events unfolded, interviewing eyewitnesses and alerting the public on what to do as news came in. She did this for over two hours. Viewers said Martine’s style was impeccable during the night.

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