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Emma Jesson worked alongside her colleague Charlie Neil presenting the weather for the three Central sub-regions, in addition to the weather for the HTV Wales and HTV West regions during weekends and holidays. Emma Jesson worked for GMTV in 1993 and was their first weather presenter before GMTV moved their weather forecasts to their studios in London.

Emma Jesson made a return to GMTV in 2010 as they changed their format and line-up. Since the re-structuring of ITV in February 2009, Emma Jesson now goes out as a weather reporter. She can also be seen guesting on Channel 4 racing as part of her Racing Weather service, and The Morning Line. Since August 2010 she has been dating -year-old William Roache who is 36 and a half years her senior.

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☀️ There are high levels of UV in many areas today, so remember your sun protection if you're heading outside 😎

Good to see you albeit at a distance Shaun Wallace @TheShaunWallace @ITVChase … your location is safe with me. But not the rest of the beach!! We met via @ChampionsUKplc - great choice of restaurant 👌🏻 #holidays

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