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Alex Phillips is a proud Gloucester girl and attended two utterly fantastic grammar schools, before getting a double first in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Durham.

After graduating Alex Phillips trained in newsrooms in Ghana, China and India to build up a portfolio to get into the super-competitive and widely respected School of Journalism in Cardiff, all whilst working for the NHS and working in a nightclub to pay for the next expedition.

Alex Phillips went on to work for ITV Wales before returning to my other spiritual home of the North East with ITV Tyne Tees before finally ending up at the BBC as part of their talent pool scheme.

In 2009, Alex Phillips left journalism and entered politics, back when Eurosceptics were labelled fruitcakes and loonies. I went on to consult in elections abroad before returning home to be elected as a Brexit Party MEP.

My final day in Brussels on January 31 2020 came just before the global pandemic hit. Like many of us, Alex Phillips ended up having an unusual 2020 and hunkered down with my parents in Gloucester at the grand old age of 37.

Alex Phillips love writing for The Telegraph when I get the chance and enjoyed a brilliant year regularly guesting on TalkRADIO. Now I’m back in London and thrilled to be back in TV journalism with GB News after a rather busy sabbatical!

'All of the damage has already been done.'

Chris Curtis, Head of Political Polling at Opinium Research, says the latest Partygate pictures of Boris Johnson have little further impact on the Prime Minister.

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'I don't think a fine is enough... We should be really seeing people who hurt animals seeing jail time.'

Emma Webb discusses West Ham defender Kurt Zouma admitting to kicking and slapping his pet cat in a viral video.

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'Fleet Street's been dining out on it for months'

Alex Phillips has her say on the ongoing Partygate scandal

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