We want you the public to decide on who is the sexiest presenters on television and Radio. These people do not get as much recognition such as film stars or pop stars, but they are in our lives everyday and make us smile for whatever reason. These presenters are from Television and Radio ranging from local to national stations and covering a very wide range of programs.

Remember these are presenters and not actors, at the moment we only have presenters from the UK but we will extend this to other countries in the future. If there is someone you feel should be on this website, then please let us know by completing a short suggestions form. Time to make your vote count, you can’t vote for the same presenter more than once and you do have to register to cast a vote. Simply navigate to any category from the menu.

The public has spoken and these are your top 10 Sexiest Presenters on television and radio. This poll is always open so results may change from time to time. If you have not rated any of the presenters, then why not as all votes count!





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